Comprehensive Personal Accident Cover

You work hard to fulfil your responsibilities and give your family the best that life has to o?er. You make plans…. for your children’s aspirations, your spouse’s dreams, your parents’ comfort, and most importantly, your own peace of mind. However, the journey of life is not always smooth and some things cannot be planned for – such as an unfortunate accident, which can impact you physically, emotionally and financially. All the planning you may have done cannot prepare you for such an event and the subsequent consequences. A sudden accident can leave you bedridden and result in absence from work, temporarily or permanently. This can in turn a?ect your current and future finances by draining your income, ruining the plans you may have had for your loved ones. As you can see, when you su?er an accident, life can turn upside down within moments. Not just yours, but your family’s as well. That’s why you need for your tomorrow, today!

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