A no-tension pension plan that guarantees golden years

Highlights of the Plan

Multiple Annuity Options

Immediate Annuity. An immediate annuity essentially refers to the annuity wherein the premium is paid in a lump sum and not multiple numbers of times Investors can take out as many RAs as they choose, with the same or different providers. They can all be accessed at different times.

Choice of Higher Purchase Price

The hire purchase price. This is the total amount you will pay over the life of the loan. The hire purchase price is the monthly payment or instalment multiplied by the number of instalments which you have to make. The amount of each instalment you have to pay.

Availability of Top-Up Premium
A top-up premium is something that a policyholder can invest into his ULIP over and above his existing premium payment. If you want to take advantage of a well-performing ULIP, you can increase its investment component by paying an extra premium.
Joint Life Option

Joint life insurance policy, as the name implies, covers both the husband and the wife under a single policy. A combined term plan such as joint life policy will ensure the financial stability of the home in the event that one of the policyholders passes away.