Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Supreme

Benefits of Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Guarantee Supreme

Get Guaranteed* Income from 1st Month

Immediate Annuity. An immediate annuity essentially refers to the annuity wherein the premium is paid in a lump sum and not multiple numbers of times Investors can take out as many RAs as they choose, with the same or different providers. They can all be accessed at different times.

Grow Your Income by Choosing Sub Wallet~ Option

You can receive the policy benefits in the Sub wallet. The sub wallet will earn a daily loyalty addition and you can withdraw the accumulated benefits anytime during the policy term.

Adjust Premiums Against Income with Premium Offset Option
The income can be used to pay or offset the premiums payable towards the policy.
Life Insurance Cover

Secure your family with a life cover in the event of unfortunate death during the policy term.