Tata AIA Life Insurance Secure Insurance Solutions

Nurture your goals and achieve them with Secure Insurance Solution

Capital Protection

Through a market investment, you can make a profit on your investment. But every day in the market is not the same, and your capital may not always be protected. Secure Insurance Solution helps you maximize the capital returns on your investment by securing the returns. With the help of expert fund management, your investments can withstand the market’s fluctuations, ensuring that your returns are always protected.

The benefit of Investing in the Equity Market

Equity and equity-linked investments are lucrative for profits as they enable you to choose from multiple investment options that offer higher returns than other investments like gold, Public Provident Funds, Fixed Deposits, etc. Through Secure Insurance Solution, you can leverage the benefits of investing in the equity market for earning better returns.

Limited Payment Term

You can enjoy the benefits of a complete policy term and life cover without having to make the premium payments for the entire term. With the limited pay option, you can choose between a premium payment term of 7 years for a policy term of 15 years/Whole Life or a premium payment term of 10 years for a policy term of 21 years/Whole Life.

Flexible Choice of Funds:

Under Secure Insurance Solution, you can access a variety of investment funds and choose ones that are best suited to your needs and your portfolio’s risk tolerance. With fund options catering to high-risk, medium risk and low-risk investors, the solution also enables you to switch between funds as per your preference.