Health problems can often come in the way of a future you’ve been waiting for. The strain on relationships and finances becomes severe when a Critical Illness has been diagnosed. We understand that in such times, it’s important to have a support that puts your health first. With Tata AIG Criti-Medicare, our aim is to provide support to you and your family. With coverage for up to 100 Critical Illnesses, this comprehensive plan seeks to make your journey to recovery seamless and worry-free. With us, take a step towards securing your and your family’s tomorrow. This Product offers flexibility in choosing the benefits and has 3 base benefit Sections and 1 Optional benefit as: Section A: Critical Illness, Section B: Cancer 360 Degree Indemnity Cover Section C: Hospital Cash and Section D: Wellsurance Benefit (Optional). Minimum one Section from the base benefit sections has to be opted and all proposed members will have same plan.

Terms and Conditions